lilac time


Is it just me, but since designer Simon Porte-Jacquemus showed his Spring/Summer 2020 collection in the lavender fields of Provence last summer, purple – from deep to light tones – has been featuring in fashion more and more?

This year it seems as if purple is set to replace millennial pink - delicate shades of lilac, mauve, lavender and light purple are widely available in high street clothing retailers – try searching for ‘lilac’ on Zara’s website or check out the ‘next season now’ feature on & Other Stories. Fancy adding some pretty purple shades to your wardrobe? Check out our lilac time collection if you want to choose a more sustainable way to add this colour to your autumn wardrobe…

Kimono jackets make great soft tailoring options:

Mauve patchwork style shibori €45


Or choose vintage accessories to add a pop of purple:

Discover the Lilac Time collection here