Mens Doro Oshima Haori
Mens Doro Oshima Haori
Mens Doro Oshima Haori

Mens Doro Oshima Haori

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A vintage mens silk doro oshima tsumugi silk haori with a printed silk lining.

A dark brown oshima tsumugi haori with a complementary printed green silk lining and dark blue-green hand-braided silk himo ties that hook on either side. The printed lining is decorated with Japanese traditional patterns interspersed with landscape scenes that look like they are on scraps of paper. These motifs represent shikishi, a traditional craft  where special shikishi boards are decorated with hand-painted designs.

Doro-oshima originated on the Japanese island of Amami Oshima and is produced using a unique cotton-thread resist dyeing technique (ori jime) and a combination of techigi (a plant-based dye) and iron-rich ‘mud’ dyeing. The process – designing the pattern, dyeing and then weaving the pre-dyed thread – can take up to a year for each kimono.

Tsumugi was originally a peasant cloth made from left-over silk threads, but because of its artisanal nature it is now one of the most highly prized and expensive kimono fabrics. 

These handpicked vintage & antique pieces are imported directly from Japan. Sometimes they may exhibit slight signs of wear or very faint blemishes as part of their vintage nature. The fabric of this jacket has a tiny snags in the fabrics but no discernible marks, but overall it is in very good condition and suitable for wearing.

The Detail

  • One of a kind
  • 100% silk lining
  • 100% silk oshima tsumugi exterior
  • Mud dyed silk oshima tsumugi

The Fit

  • 136 cm wingspan
  • 62 cm back width
  • 51 cm sleeve depth
  • 99 cm length


  • Dry clean only