Mt Fuji & Noh Mask Juban
Mt Fuji & Noh Mask Juban
Mt Fuji & Noh Mask Juban
Mt Fuji & Noh Mask Juban

Mt Fuji & Noh Mask Juban

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A vintage mens silk juban with a handpainted design that incorporates a poem, an old man noh mask and a folding fan decorated with traditional patterns and a view of Mt Fuji with pine trees at its foot.

Mount Fuji is the most iconic of Japan's sacred mountains and became popular as a motif in the Edo era. This100% fine silk juban with blue-grey silk lining and navy collar is in very good antique condition.

In contrast to womens kimono, mens kimonos are typically in subdued, darker colours with subtle patterns and textures, however the juban, worn as a secondary layer under the kimono is often richly patterned or may have a hand-painted design. Although this is a mens juban it could also be worn by a woman.

These handpicked vintage pieces are imported directly from Japan. Sometimes they may exhibit slight signs of wear or very faint blemishes as part of their vintage nature, but overall are in excellent condition and suitable for wearing.

The Detail
  • Antique c.1950s
  • One of a kind
  • Wraps to close
  • 100% Silk 

The Fit

  • 130 cm wingspan
  • 66 cm back width
  • 49 cm sleeve depth
  • 136 cm length


  • Dry clean only