Cerise Flower Tsumugi
Cerise Flower Tsumugi
Cerise Flower Tsumugi
Cerise Flower Tsumugi

Cerise Flower Tsumugi

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An bold contemporary floral print in white with black accents on a deep cerise background.

This vibrant design is printed on silk tsumugi and lined in cream silk with printed with examples of traditional Japanese designs: seighaia (waves), kikko (hexagonal shapes derived from turtle shells) shippo (overlapping circles) and a variety of traditional flower motifs.The haori-himo are cerise with white tassels at the ends.

Tsumugi Silk fabric spun by hand from the short silk threads of wild silkworm cocoons or the floss remaining in the cocoon after the full threads have been removed. The fabric is often slubbed or a little rough due to the uneven thread widths and has a characteristic stiffness which softens with age. There are many distinct regional variations as it was originally spun, woven, and sewn for domestic use by peasant farmers. Because of its artisanal nature it is now one of the most highly prized and expensive kimono fabrics.

The Detail

  • One of a kind
  • Slips on
  • Tsumugi
  • Hand-braided silk himo ties
  • 100% silk exterior & lining 

The Fit

  • Comfortably fits a UK size 12
  • 129 cm wingspan
  • 63 cm back width
  • 80 cm length
  • 48 cm sleeve depth


  • Dry Clean Only