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Pink Edo Yosegara Komon Kimono

Pink Edo Yosegara Komon Kimono

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 pretty vibrant pink vintage Edo yosegara design silk komon kimono with a charming patchwork of traditional motifs.

This  Edo komon (small print) design has an tiny all-over patchwork style design of  traditional geometric & floral motifs including folding fans, sayagata and karakusa. Edo are a type of komon design characterized by tiny dots arranged in dense patterns that form larger designs. This dyeing technique originated with the samurai class during the Edo period and is created using paper stencils.

The kimono has an off-white silk inner and pink coloured silk hakkake (the inner cuff and hem of the lining). There is a single mon (family crest) on the back. Mon are one of the ways used to indicate the formality of a garment - from none to five mon (most formal).

Komon, literally ko (small) mon (pattern) are casual kimono worn for going out or casual gatherings that often have a small all-over print, but may also have stripes, checks or larger all over patterns.

The Detail

  • Excellent condition
  • One of a kind
  • Wraps to close
  • 100% silk exterior & lining 

The Fit

  • 128 cm wingspan
  • 50 cm sleeve depth
  • 58 cm back width
  • 160 cm length


  • Dry clean only
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