PureVintage Fair

Our first market was  the PureVintage Fair in Newmarket Square, Dublin - it was great day and we met some lovely people, stallholders and customers alike!

There was Harriet who bought a caramel coloured haori with gold mon influenced design... 

and a Swiss girl who was visiting Ireland with her boyfriend, who stopped by after visting Teelings Distillery next door, who couldn't choose between two haori, but finally purchased a 1950's dotty plum blossom design.

There was also the recently married Estonian girl and her husband who bought a gorgeous purple shibori haori.  She showed me a the picture of her wedding dress - she got married in a dark blue kimono with a red obi.

Finally there was the lovely lady wearing a 60s retro styled shift with flat leather knee length boots who popped in to buy coffee from the Co-op food shop and came back to buy a black haori that had figured swirling tsunami – as she said 'to wear with everything'!