About Us

At [re.form] we believe that vintage textiles should be part of the fabric of modern life - whether as unique vintage ready-to-wear pieces or [re.formed] into contemporary clothes and accessories perfect for every occasion.

Mottainai! - is a Japanese word that expresses regret over waste and encompasses the idea in Japanese traditional cultural philosophy that old or unwanted things can be re-used or re-cycled. Re-using and [re.forming] vintage textiles is a way of ensuring that valuable resources are not wasted!

These handpicked vintage pieces are imported directly from Japan. Sometimes they may exhibit slight signs of wear or very faint blemishes as part of their vintage nature but overall are in excellent condition and suitable for wearing.

[re.form] has curated a collection of beautiful, good quality, pre-loved and unused vintage textiles and [re.formed] pieces. We hope our passion for these beautiful vintage textiles will inspire you to make them part of your own re-use and re-cyling philosophy.