Furoshiki are square pieces of fabric designed to be used with a traditional Japanese cloth-folding technique for wrapping gifts, clothes or other goods.

It is thougth that furoshiki  originated around 710-794 AD as a way for visitors to traditional onsen baths to keep their clothes safe while they bathed, and subsequently was adopted by merchants as a way to cover and protect goods.

Here are a few examples of how to fold a furoshiki:
Furoshiki wrapping techniques courtesy of Ministry of Environment, Government of Japan
For more ideas on how to use your furoshiki go here
There are plenty of Youtube videos that show you how to wrap with furoshiki, but this one with basic knots and this one from the Kyoto Design House are two of my favourites.
Furoshiki can be used in many ways – to wrap gifts or heirloom items, as a convenient eco-friendly shopping bag, as a wrap to keep your lingerie discreetly hidden in your suitcase or even as a scarf!

How will you use yours?

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