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Antique Ready-to-Wear

Dragon & Phoenix Juban

Dragon & Phoenix Juban

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An antique mens cotton muslin juban with a bold printed repeat design featuring a swooping dragon & phoenix highlighted in gold (kinsai) on a dark teal blue background . This would make a stylish wrap for either a man or a woman. 

In Japanese tradition, the dragon is considered the counterpart of the phoenix and when placed together the two creatures present conflict and wedded bliss. The dragon is the male counterpart while the Phoenix stands for the female. This unlined juban is in excellent antique condition & has a navy blue silk collar.

In contrast to women's kimono, men's kimonos are typically in subdued, darker colours with subtle patterns and textures, however the juban, worn as a secondary layer under the kimono is often richly patterned or may have a hand-painted design. 

These handpicked, hand-sewn, artisan made vintage & antique pieces are imported directly from Japan. Sometimes they may exhibit slight signs of wear or very faint blemishes as part of their vintage nature, but overall are in excellent condition and suitable for wearing.

The Detail
  • Antique c.1950s
  • One of a kind
  • Wraps to close
  • 100% cotton exterior with silk collar.

The Fit

  • 124 cm wingspan
  • 62 cm back width
  • 46 cm sleeve depth
  • 137 cm length


  • Dry clean only
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