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Antique Ready-to-Wear

Hawk & Pine Juban

Hawk & Pine Juban

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A vintage mens cotton muslin juban with a bold printed repeat design featuring a swooping hawk and pine tree motifs which would make a stylish wrap for either a man or a woman. 

The boldness, keen eyesight and predatory nature made taka or hawks appropriate symbols for the Japanese warrior class & were subsequently adopted as traditional male symbols. This unlined juban is in excellent condition  & has a navy blue silk collar.

In contrast to women's kimono, men's kimonos are typically in subdued, darker colours with subtle patterns and textures, however the juban, worn as a secondary layer under the kimono is often richly patterned or may have a hand-painted design. 

The Detail
  • Antique c.1950s
  • One of a kind
  • Wraps to close
  • 100% cotton exterior with silk collar.

The Fit

  • 128 cm wingspan
  • 68 cm back width
  • 48 cm sleeve depth
  • 133 cm length


  • Dry clean only
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