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Vintage Ready-to-Wear

Sarasa Print Kimono

Sarasa Print Kimono

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An brightly coloured vintage sarasa kimono with a lovely retro patchworked floral arabesque and egasumi pattern in green, orange, brown, turquoise & purple on a cream background. The exterior fabric is quite heavy and has a slubbed finish with a cotton feel. 

Sarasa  are designs based on the painted & printed calico fabrics imported into Japan from India in the 17th century. Egasumi is a design which captures the elusive essence of fog with its interconnected pattern of horizontal lines which reflects the ever-changing nature of water and is considered to be auspicious by the Japanese. 

The kimono has an off-white inner  with a few small marks and dark red silk hakkake (the inner cuff and hem of the lining) and is in very good vintage condition.

These handpicked vintage pieces are imported directly from Japan. Sometimes they may exhibit slight signs of wear or very faint blemishes as part of their vintage & antique nature, but overall are in excellent condition and suitable for wearing.

The Detail

 ne of a kind

  • Wraps to close
  • 100% mixed fibres exterior & lining 

The Fit

  • 124 cm wingspan
  • 47 cm sleeve depth
  • 58 cm back width
  • 154 cm length


  • Dry clean only
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