Small Naruto Kokeshi
Small Naruto Kokeshi
Small Naruto Kokeshi

Small Naruto Kokeshi

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A  Japanese naruto kokeshi doll. Kokeshi are traditional wooden dolls originally created around 150 years ago as a toy for children.

This charming doll in a pale natural wood has a hand painted floral design decorating the slender torso along with a shaped shoulder. The kokeshi has a traditional painted face with flower hair decoration and red banding at the top and bottom of the torso section. There is a makers mark on the bottom.

Hand made from wood they have a simple shape – a head and body with no arms or legs. The head is decorated with stylistically simple lines to depict the hair and face while the body is often decorated with floral patterns or ring designs, most often in red and black. The doll is then coated in a thin layer of wax to protect the decoration. Since the 1950s, kokeshi makers have signed their work, usually on the bottom and sometimes on the back.

  • Excellent condition
  • Approx. 18.5cm tall
  • Approx. 5cm diameter
  • Naruto kokeshi
  • Artisan made & hand painted
  • 100% wooden